Monday, 3 February 2014

Review on the Real Techniques 'Sam's Pick' Collection

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Here is our very first post! Today's post is a review on the Real Techniques brushes 'Sam's Pick'.

The Set contains 6 brushes: the buffing brush, the setting brush, the multi task brush, the pointed concealer brush, the essential crease brush and the fine liner brush.

The buffing brush is amazing!! It blends in any kind of foundation whilst being so soft against the skin. It creates a seamless effect as the foundation is worked into the skin. This brush is probably one of my favourite brushes in the set and is one of my most used brushes. The setting brush is a small fluffy brush that is used for setting concealer. This brush is perfect for what it is called however i don't normally use this brush as i try to minimise the amount of brushes i use to save cleaning them, so i find it easier to use a big fluffy brush to set my whole face- including under my eyes. The multi task brush is a great brush! it can pretty much be used for anything. It can be used to apply foundation- however i don't use this for that, to apply power, bronzer and blush! This is a great all rounder brush. The pointed concealer brush is the perfect shape to blend in concealer under the eyes and to hide imperfections. The essential crease brush is a brand new brush that is limited to this set and i must say i love it! It is the perfect size and shape to fit exactly into the crease to create the perfect smokey or natural look. The last brush in the set is the fine liner brush. I use this with my gel eyeliner and it works wonders! As the brushes are synthetic they don't bend making it a pointy brush to easily apply gel liner!
Buffing Brush
Setting Brush
Multi Task Brush
Pointed Concealer Brush
Essential Crease Brush

Fine Liner Brush

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