Tuesday, 2 December 2014

November Favourites! ft. Rimmel, Essence, NYX, Avon

Hey Guys!

November is over and the count down to Christmas begins! So here are the products that we have been loving this November!

Wonder'Full Mascara with Argan Oil: I have been loving this mascara recently. As a person that is obsessed with mascara i love the fact that this has Argan Oil in it. You don't feel as made putting the mascara on your eyes knowing there are products in it that are helping your lashes. Besides from the argan oil i love the effect it gives my lashes. I find i get no clumps and it really separates my lashes and coats them evenly. 

Essence Soo Glow Highlighter in 'look on the bright side': A super glowy, dewy highlighter. Its a cream to powder product so feels matte when its on the cheeks and is almost a white highlighter that blends into the cheeks with this champagne sheen to the skin. I have just been loving this- i use my fingers to apply it to help warm up and blend the product into the skin. 

Essence Natural Beauty Lipstick: The perfect everyday shade. A great 'my lips but better shade' mixed with a beautiful pink/coral touch. I have been reaching for this daily when i can't be bothered wearing a full face of makeup but still want to feel pretty!! 

Rimmel Exaggerate Auto Waterproof Eye Definer: I have this eyeliner in the shade 'in the nude'. Its just a nude creamy, pigmented pencil that looks great in the waterline to really brighten and open up your eyes. 

Avon Femme Perfume: This perfume smells amazing!!! It's states the smell starts of with a mixture of jasmine petals, pink grapefruit and luscious pear then moves to the heart of the perfume- magnolia, gardenia and water lily then leaves a lingering scent of amber woods, soft peach and musk. It just smells so good and slightly changes throughout the day but each stage of the scent just smells great!!

NYX Eyebrow Gel: I bought these in the shades Brunette and Expresso thinking that expresso would be my shade however its so dark and brunette is a much better shade even though its one of the lightest shades. My eyebrows are really dark so its obvious if there are sparse areas so I'm loving this to feel them in. Its waterproof and lasts ages so its perfect for summer.

Nude by Nature Mineral Powder: Over the last couple of weeks it has been so hot where i live that it is impossible to keep foundation from sliding of your face. Lately i have been reaching for my nude by nature mineral powder as it doesn't feel heavy on the skin and provides a light to medium coverage that evens out my skin tone. 

What products have you been loving this November?

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