Sunday, 4 January 2015

Updated Skincare Routune! Ft. Jurlique, Olay

Hey guys!!!

Today we're doing an updated skincare routine featuring some products we kindly received from Jurlique to try out along with some tips and tricks to getting your skin clear! 

These are the products that I use morning and night to:
1. Cleanse 
2. Tone
3. Treat
4. Moisturise

I have found that by using these products morning and night consistently I have seen improvements in my skin! 

I always like to try new skincare products for 3 to 4 weeks before I review them, and as I've been using these products for that amount of time I feel I can share my thoughts on this routine and these products. 

The first thing I do before I start my skin care routine or get into the shower is use my Garnier Micellar Water to remove all of my make up. I absolutely love this stuff as it removes my base, eye makeup and lipstick. I feel it is important to remove your makeup before cleansing your skin as using your cleanser as a makeup remover will not allow it to deeply cleanse your skin only remove the makeup. 

After I have removed my make up i then use my Jurlique Clarifying Deep Cleansing Gel in the shower and this gel has seriously changed my skin! It has a gel/mousey consistency with tiny little natural microbeads in it for exfoliation. The microbeads are very fine though so the exfoliation is not harsh which makes it  suitable to use daily. Since using this my skin is now smoother and clearer along with my pores being decreased in size and are less noticeable

Once I'm out of the shower I take my Witch Hazel Toner with a cotton pad and wipe that all over my face to close my pores. This is an important step that a lot of people miss. Toner is important as cleanser opens your pores to clean them and the toner closes the pores and tightens them to prevent any more dirt or bacteria going back in them. Missing toner can defeat the whole purpose of cleaning as you are leaving the pores open. 

After toner I then take a small pump of the Jurlique Herbal recovery advanced serum and pat that all over my skin, neck and declatage. This is to treat my skin as the product is an anti ageing serum and contains over 18 botanical extracts, vitamins and essential fatty acids. Think of this step as food for your skin, you want to put the good stuff back into it. 

I then finish up my skin care routine by taking the Olay Long Live Satin Finish Moisturiser all over my face and neck. I find it so important to mositurise your skin morning and night to keep it hydrated, soft and smooth along with providing the moisture it needs after cleansing and removing any unwanted oils. 

Hope you guys enjoyed todays post and found it helpful! If you have any questions just leave them below! 

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Disclaimer: Although the Jurlique products were sent to us our opinion is 100% ours! 

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