Saturday, 4 July 2015

Frank Skincare Range Review

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Frank Body have recently released some new items on top of there ever so famous coffee Scrub! The range includes a Creamy Cleanser, Scrub and Moisturiser that all include the famous coffee ingredient!

Firstly, I must say Frank's packaging alone wins me over.. His packaging is always so fresh, young and just so appealing!

I love how the Creamy Face Cleanser comes in a big pump bottle and the other two products come in a simple squeeze bottle!

All the products have a coffee/earthy scent to them which I actually really like as they smell natural and fresh to me. The products range between $19.95 to $21.95 for products that are vegan, do NOT test on animals, fragrance free and made from natural derived ingredients. To me these products get a big thumbs up and I have throughly enjoyed trying them on my skin. Now lets get on to each individual product.

Creamy Face Cleanser: The Creamy Face Cleanser contains Coffee, Charcoal, Marshmallow Root, Almond Oil as some of the main ingredients and lots more good stuff for your skin. The cleanser itself feels really gentle on the skin and removes makeup great! The cleanser is a light grey colour due to the charcoal in it which I have never found in another cleanser. Frank recommends on the packet that you cleanse with this to remove makeup then use it again after to cleanse the actual skin. For me I need two pumps of this to cover my whole face which leaves me skin soft and smooth!

I have been loving this Cleanser, it has reduced some of the redness in my skin, made it smoother, softer and overall as made my skin clearer!

Creamy Face Scrub: The Face Scrub contains Ground Coffee, White Clay, Rosehip Oil and Almond Oil as some of the main ingredients. This scrub is amazing!! The consistency of this is almost like a scrub/mask as its quite thick, moisturising yet has the scrub factor to it. It even recommends that you leave it on for 3 minutes once it is applied to fully cleanse and detoxify the face. The product which reflect its 'big brother' -the Body Scrub as its pretty much a lighter creamier scrub with the same awesome ingredients.

I have noticed since using this scrub my pores appear smaller and tighter and my face generally looks clearer!

Everyday Face Moisturiser: The Moisturiser contains Green Coffee Extract, Cocoa and Shea Butter, Vitamin E and Almond Oil as some of the main ingredients. This stuff feels so good on your skin.. creamy, hydrating and leaves your skin so soft and smooth. Ive been using this night and day and it just leaves my skin feeling amazing!

Overall I am amazed with these products. They have overtaking all my other skincare products and I have been using them daily since I received them! My skin has less redness, my pores have decreased in size and my skin is overall clearer, smoother, softer and looks great! I totally recommend these three products!

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Disclaimer: Although these products were sent to me for consideration this is my 100% honest opinion!

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