Thursday, 16 July 2015

Q&A #2

Hey guys!!

So I asked for questions on my Instagram ages ago and completly forgot to post this!! So here are some questions that you guys asked! 

@makeupevie asks: What's your favourite eyebrow product and what are your thoughts on Browz it by  Australis?

I have a couple of favourite eyebrow products! My top three would have to be the Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Wiz in Dark Brown, the NYX Brow Kit in Dark Brown and the Makeupgeek eyeshadows in Mocha and Corrupt mixed!

As for the Australis Browz it, I think it's a great brow kit that would be perfect for travelling and the product itself are great, however for me the shades are a tad to warm and red for me so it would be perfect for a person with warmer hair! 

@saidahintan asks: Which one do you think is the best: MAC Prolong wear, Maybelline Fit Me or LA girl concealer?

Ooo tough question! It would depend on the occasion. I reach for the LA girl concealer on a daily basis as it's such high coverage and soo adorable so I don't feel bad wasting it! When I go out at night or want a full coverage base then I would reach for my MAC prolong wear as it's amazing!

@chasteandbeautiful asks: What is your favourite face primer? Tell me both high end and drugstore

I really like the Loreal Skin Perfector Pore filler! It's a great dupe for the Porefessional by benefit as it really smooths out my pores and skin! As for high end Laura Mercier Mineral Primer (if that is considered high end) it has a cream to powder finish so works great at creating a matte base! 

@stellahonor_ asks: Have you got youtube?

I don't!! I've been considering making one though if you guys want to see one! :P 

@bloggingboutbeauty asks: Favourite high end product and why?

I can't go past the MAC Lipsticks! I love the colours I have, the formulas, the packaging! They are the high end products I love to 'collect'!!

@insidemakeupbeauty asks: Which do you prefer MUFE HD Foundation or the Gerogio Armani Silk Foundation?

I haven't tried either so I am no hope in giving advice! Haha! I've heard the MUFE HD foundation is amazing and really full coverage and the Gerogio Armani can be a hit or miss for some. I'd recommend getting a sample of each before you buy one. 

@xella_finlayx asks: Favourite high end and low end brand?

Favourite high end is MAC as I'm obsessed with their lipsticks are concealer! And my favourite low end brand would probably be Rimmel! They have a great range on products that I love including Foundations, Primers, Lipsticks, Nail polishes and Mascaras! 

@libby_miller_xx asks: What inspired you to enjoy makeup? 

I have always just enjoyed playing with makeup and watching youtube videos about makeup! I would say that youtube was probably a major influence as to how I become addicted to makeup and now its become my hobby and I absolutely love and enjoy it!

@ornellalikesfood asks: Favourite lippie? I love the Vaseline lip therapy in cocoa butter! 

My favourite lipstick would probably have to be MACs Brave Lipstick! Its seriously just my go to lipstick that is the perfect my lips but better shade!

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