Thursday, 14 August 2014

Goldwell Hair products: Rich Repair Serum & Blondes and Highlights

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So todays blog post is all about hair and our thoughts on some wonderful products from Goldwells.

Goldwells is a well known company that specialises in hair care. Today's review is on their Blondes and Highlights 60 second treatment and their Rich Repair 6 Effects Serum!

The Rich Repair 6 Effects Serum is a leave in treatment with 6 benefits: instant shine, silky suppleness, improved elasticity, anti-frizz effect, healthy ends and anti breakage. We have been using this every night for about 2 weeks and have noticed a big difference with our hair. Our hair is very dry and brittle so this product have been that extra bit of conditioning treatment that we have needed. The ends of our hair are noticeable smoother and shinier all over. This product has just been a life saver to our hair in this cold weather and given life back to it. It's a very concentrated product so a little goes a long way to nourish your hair! Definielty recommend this product to anyone in need of a deeply effective hair serum. 

As only one of us has blonde hair I have been using the Blondes and Highlights 60 second treatment about once a week, and I find that it makes my hair silky soft. As for brightening my hair, I have seen a slight difference in my hair shade.  I feel this will work better on dyed hair. Overall I use this treatment, when I feel my hair needs a bit of life put back into it. It is incredibly fast, does the job, and smells great.

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*Disclaimer: Although these products were sent to us this is out 100% honest opinion.

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