Friday, 22 August 2014

How to get fuller looking lips!

Hi lovelies! 

Today's post is about how to get fuller lucicous lips! We have a few tips and tricks that we use to make our lips look bigger so here they are! 

1. Apply a lip plumper or lip scrub to enhance the size of your lips. I applied the NYX lip plumper in Pamela 10 minutes before I started to apply my makeup. 
Bare lips.

2. I then wiped of the lip plumper and applied the NYX wonder pencil in light to the centre of my lips. 

3. I then applied the Essence lip liner in Satin Mauve to the outer halves of my lips. 

4. Lightly blend the two colours together with your finger. 

5. I then took the essence lip liner to outline the bottom line of my lip to create a shadow appearance on my bottom lip. 

6. You can make this look very intense or very subtle so I took the NYX butter gloss in strawberry parfait to make this look more wearable. I applied that all over to lips to give the white a hint of colour. 

7. I then applied a highlighter to my cupids bow and lightly dusted a contour shade under my bottom lip on my chin to create the effect of a shadow. 

8. Lastly I just dabbed a bit of highlighter onto the centre of my lips. 

Hope you guys enjoyed! 

Till next time,

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