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Stefan Cosmetics Review ft. Eyebrow Palette, Concealer, Lipgloss

Hello guys!

Hope you are all having a fantastic day today! Today's post is going to be a review on a couple of products we were recently sent to me from Stefan Cosmetics! Stefan Cosmetics are a relatively new makeup brand that sell a great range of products from eyebrow palettes to foundations to lipsticks to bronzers. 

You can buy there products here:

The products I'm going to review today are their:
  • 4 Colour Concealer Quad
  • 6 Colour Eyebrow Shaper
  • Glossy Lips Lipgloss in Tango
So if you want to find out more on these products then just keep on reading!

6 Colour Eyebrow Shaper:
This palette contains 6 shades with a range from light to dark, warm to cool tones. The kit itself comes with a double ended brush along with an eyebrow stencil to help define your brows.

The eyebrow powders are enriched with a wax that are said to make the powders last 24 hours. Although I haven't worn it for that long I definitely notice that when I apply the product to my brows I can see the pigmentation lock to my skin and it does last a long time!

I like the variety of shades you get in this palette. For my eyebrows I mix the two bottom shades to get my ideal brow shade! The powders are highly pigmented and pick up great on my angled brush.

4 Colour Concealer:
This quad contains four shades of concealer: a purple, green, then two shades of a peachy/salmon shade, one darker then the other. 

For me personally i would use the four shades in this way:
  • Green: To cancel out redness on any blemishes or just any redness around the nose, cheeks, chin.
  • Purple: Used to brighten an area. This could be on any uneven pigmentation that is darker then the rest of your skin tone or could be put on any area to brighten it such as the cheekbones.
  • Samlon/Peach: These two shades can be used to cancel out the blue/purpleness under your eyes, or depending on you skin tone just used as a normal concealer

The actual pigmentation of these concealers are fantastic! They are so creamy and pigmented with just one swipe and apply nice and smooth to the face. I have found that the peachy shades last great under my eyes even when I apply another concealer over the top of them. The green shades works beautiful to conceal my blemishes and again blends beautiful under my foundation.

This photo just shows you how the concealer covers. The top photo I am wearing no makeup. The bottom photo I have applied a mixture of the two peach shades underneath my eyes to conceal my dark circles. (Don't mind the untamed brows!)

Glossy Lips Lipgloss in Tango:
This a a beautiful lipgloss that is extremely glossy on the lips (as per its name). It gives a beautiful sheer wash of coral on the lips when worn alone or adds a beautiful glossy finish to a lipstick or lip pencil. The lip gloss itself is not sticky but is a quite thick and creamy when on the lips. Its comfortable to wear on the lips and is overall a great lipgloss!

So I hope you guys enjoyed todays blog post! Have you guys tried anything from Stefan Cosmetics, if you have leave me a comment telling me what you have tried!

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* This is NOT a sponsored post. Although these products were sent to me opinions and thoughts are 100% mine! :) 

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