Thursday, 5 June 2014

Innoxa Australia Makeup Review

Hey guys!

I was lucky enough to kindly receive some goodies from Innoxa Australia today. I have heard excellent reviews on Innoxa products so was really happy when Innoxa got in contact with us to try some products out.

We received a:
- Lush Lash Mascara in Navy RRP $19.95
- Nude limited edition Lipglaze RRP $14.95
- Nude limited edition Lipstick RRP $14.95

Lush Lash Mascara in Navy:

I was so excited when i received this as I've never tried a different coloured mascara other then black. Its a great colour as its not bright blue but a dark navy blue which gives a really nice hint of colour for a wearable everyday look. My package also came with an info sheet explaining what the mascara does. The mascara is a conditioning and treatment mascara formulated to create volume, curl, definition whilst conditioning lashes. It claims eyelashes are increased 32% in 15 days and the volume of your eyelashes are increased up to 33%. Im really excited to try out this product and keep you guys posted on what it does to my eyelashes. I'm not to fond on the white packaging though. It definitely stands out amougst all my black mascaras but I can see this getting real dirty real soon.

Nude limited edition lip glaze:
This lipgloss has a subtle pink/peach undertone so its adds this beautiful hint of colour to the lips whilst adding shine, shimmer and gloss. It's not a heavy colour to wear and adds this really nice nude sheer colour to the lips. The lip glaze also smells great! It smells just like the nyx butter glosses do- like cake batter!

Nude limited edition lipstick:
Im always cautious when it comes to nude lip products as I'm so pale it can completly wash my lip out. This nude has a slight orange/brown undertone so it wouldn't be my first option for a nude lipstick but i can see this looking wonderful on someone with a darker complexion. This colour applys really creamy to the lips but there was some settling of the lipstick around some lines in my lips.

Nude Lipglaze on top of Lipstick 

Overall I'm really impressed with these products! After trying them i think I'm going to have to purachse some more lip glazes as I'm loving the texture, colour and smell of them! Also might have to get the black version of this mascara as my lashes need all the help they can get when it comes to conditioning and treating!

Till next time, 

Disclaimer: Although i was sent these products, this is my 100% opinion on these products.

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