Saturday, 14 June 2014

'Jessup' Makeup Brushes Review

Hey Everyone!
So exams are finished and uni break has started which means i have finally gotten around to reviewing some new products i have bought!

So i finally got around to writing a review on my new- well newish makeup brushes. I recently gave in and bought the "jessup" brushes from ebay after seeing raved reviews on instagram as they are supposedly dupe brushes to sigma.

The ebay sellers name is lady_show_house and the brushes were called "12pcs Black Premium Synthetic Makeup Brush Set Cosmetics Foundation blending". You can purchase the set i bought here!! The set cost me $22.22 which for 12 brushes i think is great!

The set contains the 'same' brushes as the Sigma Essentials Kit- Mr. Bunny which retails for $155 which I was looking at getting, so my first thought was why not try these first! 

My first impression of these brushes was wow these are soft! All 12 brushes are so amazingly soft with some denser then others. The set included from left to right in photo: - Large powder brush - Duo fibre brush
- Angled contour brush
- Foundation brush
- Blending brush
- Concealer brush
- Medium angled brush - Medium eye shading brush - Small eye shading brush - Pencil brush - Small angled brush - Eyeliner brush
All the brushes are synthetic with a wooden handle. I really like the way they look, the handle has a matte finish and they are really long which makes them very comfortable to hold. I washed my brushes prior to first use as they had a horrible plastic smell and to my surprise there was no shedding.

(Sorry for the dirty brushes in the photos! :P) Large powder brush This brush is one of the softest brushes. It is not as dense as I would of liked but is great for dusting on a translucent powder. This brush also took forever to dry after washing it compared to others but eventually dried to it's original shape I would use it with: powder, blush, bronzer 

Duo Fibre Brush
I have never been a fan of duo fibre brushes as the brushes are not full and do not give me enough coverage but i decided to test it out by applying my foundation. It did end of giving me an okay coverage but took much longer then normal and this brush did shed a lot! It was the only brush that i had a problem with shedding and left brush hairs all over my face.
I would use it with: Foundation, Creme blushes

Angled Contour Brush
I really like this brush for contouring. Its the perfect shape to fit right into my cheekbone and blends it out really nicely to create a natural look
I would use it with: Contour, Blush

Foundation brush
Again i have never been a fan of foundation brushes to apply foundation as i find it just takes longer, but this brush would apply foundation nicely onto the skin as its really soft and dense.
I would use it with: Foundation, concealer 

Concealer brush
This is a small dense concealer brush. I do find these applies product nicely to cover up blemishes but i would still use my finger to apply concealer under my eyes. The brush is really soft and works great to adding a bit of extra coverage around the nose area.
I would use it with: Concealer, and possibly to apply eyeshadow

Medium angled brush
This brush is very thin and not very dense. The only good thing about it being really thin as it can work product into the crease nicely and blend it out.
I would use it with: Applying eyeshadow to the crease, blending concealer under the eyes and nose.

Blending brush
This is a really big blending brush which is really soft. It is not a tapered blending brush so it is very difficult to just blend out the crease without messing up the surrounding area. The brush does work nicely if you are after blending out a whole smokey eye or blending concealer under the eye
I would use it with: Blending eyeshadow and concealer, applying highlighter to cheekbones.

Medium eye shading brush
A thick short brush that is quite dense. This brush does hold a lot of product in it when trying to transfer an eyeshadow to the eyelid but still does the job through a lot of patting the eyeshadow on. Its a great size to apply eyeshadow all over the lid.
I would use it with: Applying eyeshadow, highlighting brow bone.

Small eye shading brush
This is a great brush for applying eyeshadow to smaller areas. It a great versatile size that works in many areas. Picks up product nicely but still needs the patting motion to transfer eyeshadow.
I would use it with: Inner corner highlight, applying darker shades to outer v, brow bone, under the lower lash line, could also be used for concealer.

Pencil brush 
A small dense tapered pencil brush. I really like this brush as its really small and works great for picking up shadow and defining the outer v. Great for adding small details to the eyes.
I would use it with: Defining the crease, inner corner highlight, lower lash line, outer v.

Small angled brush 
The angled brush is really soft yet there dense bristles which is good as its easier to apply eye liner with a harder brush. It is a bit thick so it does create a thicker line if used for eyeliner but is great for filling in the brows
I would use it with: Eyeliner, my eyebrows.

Eyeliner brush
This is a small eyeliner brush but has a lot of bristles making it a bit too thick to apply eyeliner with. The brush i also got, the brush hairs are not straight and lean to one side. The brush hairs are very hard though so it would be able to create a straight winged eye.
I would use it with: Eyeliner.

Something that i find with all the brushes is that they pick up product really well but they do have a little bit of a problem transferring the product onto the face and a lot of the product just ends up in the brush. The brushes are defiantly a hit and miss for me, there are some brushes that i really like and some that i probably won't use. But for the cheap price and the amount of brushes you get i do generally like this brushes and would recommend these for a beginner in makeup that is looking to build up there makeup brush collection with a range of different brushes. 

Hope this helps you all if you were interested in these brushes. Feel free to leave a comment with any questions on the brushes and ill be sure to answer you!

Till next time hope your all doing well,


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