Tuesday, 17 June 2014

Winter Must Haves

Hey lovelies,

Winter is here and for us that means the darker shades of lipsticks and the lighter foundations come out of hiding. As the cold rainy weather sets in for us in Australia here is our guide to looking and feeling good to survive those colder months!

As the sudden change in weather sets in you want to make sure that you skin is taking care of. My skin does not cope with the sudden drop in temperature so to make sure my face remains nice and moisturised I switch to a heavier moisturiser and use the Sukin Night Cream on my face before going to bed. It ensures that there is no dryness on my face and it is left really smooth and hydrated.

As for the rest of my body I use the Vaseline total moisture aloe fresh 24hr nourishing lotion after I get out if the shower. I love the smell of this moisturiser and really fixes any dry areas of the body swell as being really light and easily absorbed into the skin.

Continuing the theme of moisturing i ensure I always have hand cream and a lip lam nearby as I just like to prevent my skin from drying out. I use the MOR hand cream in Lychee Flower- it smells amazing!!!! and leaves my hands feeling soft and smooth. I also carry with me a Chapstick as my lips can not handle the wind and get really chapped. My favourite Chapstick in the mix stix in lemon berry sorbet- tastes unbeliveable.

Now finally moving into makeup, I'm all for bold lips and simple eyes in winter. Purple lipstick is a bit of an obsession of mine this winter and i can tell that my lipsticks and lip glosses are going to be worked out. A couple of my favourite winter lip combinations are:

      NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream in Antwerp                     NYX Plum Lip Liner with NYX Butter lipstick in Hunk

NYX Buttergloss in Raspberry tart
To ensure that my lipsticks apply nicely Lush lip scrub in bubblegum is a lifesaver for exfoliating those lips to create a smooth flat canvas. The harsh wind really can chap your lips so i find this lip scrub to be great for fixing any dry areas- plus it tastes great!

To express winter a little bit more I love switching from the brought summer colours to the dark vampy colours for my nail polish. My favourite has been the OPI nail polish in the shade Miami Beet. Its a perfect dark plum colour to compliment my obsession with plum lips!

So thats it for some of our winter must haves! Remember to keep your skin moisturised and express those cold winter days with some dark bold lips!

Till next time,

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