Thursday, 31 July 2014

Milk & Co Skincare Review

Hey Guys!

Milk and Co are a beautiful skincare company that caters for him, her and baby! The natural based skincare products are made in Australia, not tested on animals, paraben free and have 100% recyclable free. With all those things combined into one products you can ensure that your skin is going to thank you for trying these products.

The Rejuvenating Face Masque has 75gm of product. Firstly, i love the packaging of all of Milk and Co's products, there so unique. The masque claims to rejuvenate tired and dry skin and contains multiple fruit extracts, vitamin E, rose hip oil and green tea extract to exfoliate, smooth and moisturise your skin. The product has a grey medium constancy in the container. A little of this mask also goes a long way, it feels amazing when applying this to the skin. It has a wonderful refreshing cold feeling and for the first couple of minutes has a slight tingling sensation. It then drys on the face- making it very hard to talk or show emotion haha. Once a week, i have been applying this face mask liberally all of my face and neck. It is amazing!! It conditions my skin, removes all dead skin cells, and leaves my skin feeling smoother than a babies butt! This face mask, is made out of organic ingredients as well, and after removing the mask, my skin feels healthier and rejuvenated. Definitely recommending this to our friends.

Next we have the Beauty Wipes. The packet comes with 25 wipes and they are amazing!!! One side of the wipe is smooth and the other side contains small dots for exfoliation. I love how they included this. This product removes all makeup, as well as any dirt or bacteria that is on the skin. The wipes "aid in dehydration, temperature variation and counteracts high saline levels". The Aloe vera and chamomile extracts soothe and protect our skin, and act as a cooling agent to reduce redness, which i love, as i have particularly red cheeks!

The Face Cleaner:
I have found this face cleanser to be extremely versatile. It works on oily and dry skin, is perfect for everyday use, and also has the ability to remove all my makeup. I recently went to the snow and got really bad wind and sun burn as well as a break out, so this is what i have been reaching for, as it is all organic and made from natural ingredients, that nourish my skin, with out leaving it feeling dry. It is not tested on animals and is Paraben free! However it does have a very strong scent to the cleanser which can be a love hate relationship, but its all personally preference to whether you like scented products- to us it smells great.

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  1. Great post! I LOVE the cleanser, so I'm definitely keen to try out the wipes. I was concerned that the exfoliating aspect would be too harsh but it sounds like the aloe helps combat that <3 <3 We did a Milk & Co. review also, please check it out if you get the chance xoxo