Wednesday, 18 February 2015

Q&A: Favourite products, Hitting 1k, Cleaning Brushes

Hey guys!!

Today we bring to you our first Q&A where you guys asked questions on our Instagram and now we are going to answer them all!

As there are two of us that run this account we are both going to answer each question, so we will just say who's answering it at the beginning! (Hope that made sense)

Nicola on the left and Abbey on the right!

@Beautyby_maya asks: Most used eyeshadow palette:

Abbey: I have way to many favourite eyeshadow palettes one being the Lorac pro palette- literally perfection in a palette but since i made my custom makeup geek palette it has been my go to palette and i haven't been picking up anything else. The colours are perfect and the eyeshadows themselves are amazing!!

Nicola: My naked basics palette, even though they are the most basic shades i can create soo many different looks  with it!

@missbeautyfashion7 asks: How did you feel when you hit 1k followers? What made you make a beauty page on Instagram? How old are you and when is your birthday?

Hitting 1k for us was crazy!! We had our account for a couple of months and had about 300 followers when we posted a photo of our tiny NYX collection back then. We then went to bed and I (Abbey) woke up and went onto instagram and refreshed our account and it said 1K,  for a second i thought i was in someone else's page and i had no idea what was going on so went out to Nicola and then we realised the NYX reposted our photo and i think we may have done like a little dance as we were way to excited!! CRAZY to think we have 12.7K now!!!

Abbey: I actually started the page and then Nicola joined in, i have no idea why i started one i had just been to priceline and felt like sharing my little haul so made this account and posted our first picture on it! 
Our first photo!!
Abbey: I am 19 and born on Christmas Eve!!

Nicola: And I'm 17 born on 21st of January!

@glendacandedeir asks: How do you clean brushes when makeup products stain the white bristles?

To get rid of stains on brushes you need to really deep clean them. Combining a regular detergent or your brush cleaner with olive oil will create a great combo to use as the detergent will kill any bacteria in the brushes and the oil acts as a makeup remover helping to remove the stain!

@ashleighlester asks: I just sharpened my lip pencil and it keeps snapping off what do i do?

Lip pencils can be painful like that as if you drop them they can shatter inside making them really hard to use and sharpen which is why i prefer retractable lip liners. You can try to put your lipliner in the freezer making it become more stiff and hopefully allowing you to sharpen it without it snapping off. :)

@ornellalikesfood asks: Best quality products for lowest prices:

OOO good question. We are going to list some really affordable products that we love:

  • Essence lip liners
  • Essence clear lash and brow gel
  • Australis Contouring and highlighting kit
  • NYX Butter glosses
  • Rimmel 25h Lasting Foundation 
  • LA girl pro conceal concealer 
  • Jordana best lash extreme volumising mascara
  • Essence eyeliner 
  • Paw paw ointment 

@_anniel asks: Holy grail drugstore product? And what websites do you recommend  for international (mostly US) brands?

Abbey: My holy grail drugstore product would be.. umm.. either the NYX butter glosses or the Rimmel 25h Lasting finish foundation

Nicola: Ooo the Loreal True match has to be one of my favourites!!

Our favourite site to shop US products international is Bluescandal- there cheap, reliable and have heaps of stuff that we don't have in Australia!

@passporttoanywhere asks: Makeup tips you would tell your younger self?

Abbey: Don't wear black eyeliner in your waterline, it doesn't do anything for you!!

Nicola: Yep i agree, i have no idea why black on the waterline and nothing else was a thing back then!

@jess_k33 asks: Whats the best eyeshadow palette for those who love matte eyeshadow?

The Balm Meet Matte palette is excellent for those wanting just mattes or a custom makeup geek palette! The Urban Decay Basics palette is always a winner also!

@sh3lyz asks: Whats the best liquid foundation for oily skin?

We both have slightly oily skin and have found that the Loreal True Match sat great on our skin all day, the Revlon Oily Complexion was one that we used to use heaps too and that lasted great on us! :)

@intriceblog asks: What is your favourite red lipstick that looks flattering on all skin types?

A red lipstick that looks great on everyone we think would have to be a neutral red (not to cool not to warm).

MAC's Russian Red is a great red! Its more of a deeper red but we feel could look great on heaps of skin tones!

NYX's do some awesome red too, whether it be from their Soft Matte Lip range, Matte Lipstick range, Butter Lipsticks they mostly all contain an awesome red that would suit you!

Hope you guys enjoyed our first Q & A! If you want us to do another one or are wondering anything about us just leave a question below!

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