Friday, 6 February 2015

Mystery Mascara Review: Makeupsocial!

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So todays blog post i had so much fun creating for you guys! So if you didn't know 'makeupsocial' is a fun new social network where people can share and review products for everyone.

They recently held a 'Mystery Mascara' review where you can sign up to review one of 450 mystery mascaras to win a makeup prize pack. So without further ado, lets get on with my review of the mystery mascara!!

The packaging of the mascara is in a plain black tube with a silver cap and no writing on it at all which doesn't give any clues to what brand it comes from.

My first impression of the mascara was good as i really like wands that are plastic. I feel that the stiffness of plastic wands really helps to curl my lashes and push them upwards as my lashes grow downwards. The colour of the mascara i would say is not black but a dark grey colour which definitely makes it look more natural on your lashes compared to a dark black colour.

The wand contains short close together bristles and larger further apart bristles on the other side.

Here is my eyelashes all natural!

Without mascara
I then curled my lashes preparing them for the mascara.

Without mascara but curled lashes 
After curling my lashes i applied my coat of mascara to my eyelashes and WOWWW! SO IMPRESSED! It really separated my lashes with ZERO clumping and really intensified the curl pushing them upwards. The mascara itself was quite dry which was the standout for me as the stiffness of the brush and dryness of the mascara really allowed you to pile on the mascara with it not getting all over the place!

I was expecting the mascara to be a dark grey colour from looking at the colour on the wand but it made my lashes pretty black which was pleasantly surprising!!

I then applied a second coat to my top lashes and a single coat to my bottom lashes. What ever this mystery mascara is I am beyond excited to find out what it is because I'm love with the result of my lashes! I don't think I've found a mascara yet that has been able to really separate my lashes and make them look this long!

With 2 coats of mascara

After trying to figure out what brand it is my guess is that it's the new Benefit mascara- roller mascara, or maybe a maybelline mascara! I do feel like the quality of this mascara is quite high end though as some of my higher end mascaras don't even give my stubborn downward growing lashes this kind of curl. 

The mystery mascara will be released in April so I'm definitely looking forward to finding out the brand and name of this mascara as i would definitely be repurchasing this mascara.

Keep your eyes peeled on this blog post along with our instagram page if your just as curious to find out what mascara it is as ill let you know as soon as i find out!


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