Thursday, 12 February 2015

Shanghai Suzy Spring Summer Collection Swatches + Review

Hey guys!!

Shanghai Suzy is a lipstick company founded by Jo Wheaton. It is a relatively new brand that comes out with limited collections each season. The collection i have to show you today is the Spring Summer collection that was realised September last year.

The colours of this collection are so bright and vibrant which just scream summer and spring to me so i think they created the perfect colours for this collection. 

From L to R: Miss Nicole, Miss Leah, Miss Olivia, Miss Bree, Miss Christina, Miss Mia, Miss Courtney, Miss Ally

Each lipstick retails for $12.95 or can be purchased all together for $65 which is an awesome deal!

The lipsticks themselves i am so impressed with! Firstly, the smell!! They smell soo good like grape hubba bubba! This collection contains two formulas a 'matte' and 'nourish' formula. The matte being described as a thick, creamy and long lasting lipstick and the nourish formula which contains jojoba oil and vitamin E which makes them really moisturising and creamy!

The packaging was recently changed on the lipsticks to a clear lid so you can see the lipsticks. I quite like the new packaging as its quite sleek although the lid may get a bit scratched. 

Now to the swatches!!

Miss Nicole: Burgundy Brown Formula: Matte 
This is a beautiful deep warm well.. Burgundy Brown shade! These colours can look daunting in the tube but once applied i loved the creaminess and richness of this lipstick. Very pigmented and did leave a red stain on my lips which indicated that its a very long-lasting lipstick!

Miss Leah: Baby Cocoa Formula: Nourish 
I'm in LOOOVE with this lipstick- one of my favourites from the collection. A very simple nude brown shade but it's just amazing. Again a very creamy lipstick and just the perfect nude for my skin tone. I was on the hunt for a good nude and i may of just found it!

Miss Olivia: Apricot Formula: Nourish 
A great coral orange shade. I always find it hard to wear orange on my skin tone but i do like this one. It has a slight pink undertone giving it that coral look but still has that punch of orange in it. I did find with the nourish formulas they do need to be built up a bit more as there a tad sheerer but still have great pay off!

Miss Bree: Pink Blush Formula: Matte
A bright hot baby pink shade. This colour is so vibrant and intense, its a very warm toned lipstick so its an awesome shade for summer and spring. The matte shades are soo pigmented its crazy!

Miss Christina: Neon Guava Formula: Matte
This colour is AMAZING! A neon bright hot pink shade! If you like lipsticks that standout this if for you! With

Miss Mia: Foxy Hibiscus Formula: Formula: Matte 
A beautify rich red shade you could even call this a really dark pink as it isn't fully red. So opaque and pigmented, a beau tofu unique pinky red shade!
Miss Courtney: Electric Flamingo Formula: Matte
 Don't even know how to describe this shade its amazing!! a neon electric hot baby pink shade with a blue base to it.. i think. Its just amazing and bright and intense.. its a winner to me!

Miss Ally: Amethyst Formula: Matte    
I'm a sucker for a purple lipstick and this did not fail my expectations! A beautiful purple with a pink base as you can see in the photos. It was a little patchy but this was only one coat so with another coat i feel it would be fully opaque and pigmented. Im still in love with it anyway though as its creamy and smooth on the lips and really comfortable to wear!

Hope you guys enjoyed todays review and swatches! What was your favourite shade?

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Disclaimer: Although these were sent to me, thoughts and opinions are 100% mine!!


  1. Miss Leah is my favourite, although all shades look great from your swatches x
    han // emandhan xo